Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dock Diving Report from Louisville.....the good, the bad, and the ugly

First of all, let's get this out of the way and off the table. I am not a snow dog. I am not an ice dog. I don't like it. It hurt my feet. I didn't like peeing and pooping in it. I didn't like walking on it. This frozen tundra of Louisville, Kentucky is just not for me.

I'm sorry to hurt the feelings of my northern canine friends, but you can keep your snow and ice. I'll take my sunny-and-60-degrees-during-the-winter weather and live in my blissful little warm and snow-free world down here.

My mom had all kinds of plans to take some cool photos and video of Spud, Hoppy and me playing in all the white cold stuff. But dang! We could barely walk on it. Forget running and playing! That stuff is treacherous!

Okay, go ahead and call us weenies. Call us sissies. Call us babies. I can hear y'all laughing all the way down here, and I don't care.

Here is the one photo we managed to take. My mom
made us take it. Move over Jack London and Buck. Here comes Team 3 Dawg Flite!

Now, for the dock diving report. Me first, since I'm the Captain. I must admit that I started off really badly. I don't know what was wrong. It was my first indoor event, and all that loud noise bothered me a little. But that's no excuse. I should have done better.

My mom kept telling me to "Settle, Sally. Focus. Look at me." But every time I got up on the dock, for some reason, I lost my focus. My first jumps were only 13, 14, and 15 feet. Those are Junior Division jumps!! YIKES! How embarrassing.

So, on Saturday, my mom took me off in a corner of the building and worked with me for a while. I regained some of my focus and settled down a little. By Sunday, I was better....not back to normal, but better.

I ended up in the Amateur Finals and came in 4th place with a jump of 17'5" which is certainly not my best, but definitely an improvement from Friday.

See my jumps. I'm trying my best to focus and do like I should.

This is my mom's favorite photo. Let's just say the look on my face is rather....uh,

Look at the pretty 4th place ribbon I received! My mom was so proud of me!

Now, for Spud. That boy started off quite well. His first jump gave him first place in the Master Division. Then he got two first place jumps in the Senior Division. Look at his cool ribbons! His crate looked like Michael Phelps' wall.

But by Sunday, Spud was having trouble. My mom and dad don't know what happened. Those good jumps from Friday and Saturday earned him a place in the Semi-Pro Finals, but by the time the Finals came around on Sunday, Spud wasn't even jumping. He would run down the dock and stop at the he was afraid to jump.

On the way home I talked with Spud. He felt terrible about what happened. I asked him, "Spuddy boy, why did you stop jumping? What was going on in the doggie brain of yours?"

"Sally," he answered, "I have no idea. The crowd was loud; the music was even louder. And all that barking was just magnified in that big hall. It was like one big echo chamber. It made me nervous."

NERVOUS? Oh dear, I had no idea my brother was such a fragile flower!!! I'm going to suggest to my mom and dad that they call in the Dog Whisperer for that boy.

Hoppy's big performance has already been covered in my previous post. He's the happiest of everyone. He actually thinks he's a dock dog now. I'm sorry, but this is not a dock dog!

So, Louisville was good and bad. Not the best, but not the worst. My mom is making a little video that y'all will like. I'll post if for you later. Until then, I've made my To Do list:
  • Work on my focus
  • Call Dog Whisperer for Spud
  • Teach Hoppy difference between a dock dog and a dock playtime dog
Gotta run. I obviously have a full agenda today.

See you on the dock,
Sally, the Captain of Team 3 Dawg Flite
Proud member of Dixie Dock Dogs
Dixie Dock Dogs video


Chester's Mom said...

Don't be so hard on yourself, Sally! I'm sure the stress of all the ice did not help your performance, plus it was your first gig of the season. No doubt you will keep getting better. And you got 4th place-WOW! If I get to try diving on Sat. (yeah, I think it's really gonna happen) I will be glad if I go 15 INCHES let alone 15 FEET!! You look so beautiful with your ribbon. Sorry but that other picture is way funny-almost looks like you thought you were gonna land on ice. I bet that was Spud's problem on Sunday too and that's why he stopped at the end. Believe you me, I DO NOT like this icy stuff either. I was not laughing at all! I don't want to hold you up any longer since you got alot of stuff on your plate, but I do have one request from Mom. After the Dog Whisperer works with Spud, can you send him my way. Mom thinks us two should meet and have a little chat about some things. Looking forward to that video!!

Martha Basset said...

Oh Sally, you are giving yourself a hard time. We are really proud of you and you looked so pretty in your picture. Honestly we wouldn't be able to dock jump at all! Your ribbon is beautiful.
We can understand that inside things would be different. All the noises sound kinda echoey and you are not used to that. Dont be disappointed you did great. The snow and ice are horrid although Martha kinda likes it but Bailey doesnt even want to go out for a wee!
Now as for Spud, it sounds as though the pressure of the day got to him cos he did start off well. Again all that different noise doesnt help. You know how us dogs don't really like change.
We are proud to know you and your are our very first dock diving dogs. In our eyes you are both stars. Hoppy as the right idea - kiss your mom and be happy! xx

Chester's Mom said...

THANKS BUNCHES, GANG! I will have Mom look up that forum. I ain't usually skeered of nuttin' but I have to admit, my nerves are starting to jiggle just like my butt does! Thanks again! Ches

Mason Dixie said...

I still think you guys did great, it was your first event of the year and you had to do it in an environment you were not used to. Not only inside with all the people and dogs but the snow outside can be a little harsh for you southerners. Keep up the great work, can not wait til summer so I can show off my skills to you. =)

barb said...

Oh, Sally, you did very well! You and your mom should be very proud. You're even inspiring me to find a dock for my dog to jump off of. Be patient with Hoppy. He looks like a sweet boy who probably looks up to his big sister.

Chester's Mom said...

Hey Sally-I was just sittin' here lookin' at your diving pictures again and taking notes and I'm thinking that Hoppy has slimmed down a bit already. Has he or is it just my imagination? Chester

Team 3 Dawg Flight said...

He's lost about 4.5 pounds. My mom has him on the "green bean" diet. He gets 2 cups of dog food and 1/2 cup of green beans each day. He's also running and playing more with Spud and me on our daily training exercise outings. He still can't begin to keep up with Spud and me, though. But he's gettin' there!

Chester's Mom said...

Go Hoppy!! Congrats on the weight loss! I LOVE green beans! That's my snack every night. Look out Spud and Sally, Hoppy's gonna get ya!
ps. Gotta go now. Mom printed out your dock diving notes and is making me study them so I can make you proud on Saturday. Thanks again for your expert help!