Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My mom's been busy, busy, busy!

You should see my mom's studio. It's small, but completely packed with computers, drives, printers, monitors, scanners, DVD players. You name it; if it's video-related, it's stuck somewhere in that small room. (This is just her working area. The storage area is another room.)

This is her editing corner. The photo is a couple of years old. There are a bajillion new drives over there now.

And this is her business corner. Again, an old photo. She's updated her computers and monitors, but it still shows all of her gadgets, or toys, as she calls them.

Lately, she's been on her business computer a lot.....a whole lot. I've wondered what she's been up to.

Well, she finally revealed it to us. She made a 3 Dawg Flite website!

Now, how cool is that!

I've been looking it over, and I must say, it's pretty thorough. Here's the link to it. What do you think?

See you on the dock,
Sally, the Captain of Team 3 Dawg Flite
Proud member of Dixie Dock Dogs
Dixie Dock Dogs video


Chester's Mom said...

Ok already! Is there something in the water in Georgia that makes you all excel in everything you do? What a great website-love all the pictures of your team in action. Your dogs should be very proud of your/their website.
ps. I was told to pass along to you that Kevin from Keystone Dock Dogs says that you really should come up to the Codorus State Park for the Dock Diving. (In June, I think) Let me be the first to say "Well Done!"

Martha Basset said...

Oh how cool - a website!!
We are off to have a look now. Your mum's office space looks real busy.
Martha & Bailey xx

barb said...

Good grief Charlie Brown! I had no idea you and Spud were that accomplished in dock diving. You two really are something! The photos are awesome, and I especially like the Friendship video. I'm going to finish looking at everything on the website later. Casey is going to be very jealous when he sees all of this!

Martha Basset said...

Very good website - well done to you! We liked watching the video of Sally diving and swimming - we thought she could swim really fast. We think we will soon know more about dock diving than your average basset hound! Hey that must be good - we dont even know if we can swim!! Still we know with friends like you and Spud you will jump in and save us!
Martha & Bailey xx