Friday, February 20, 2009

New adventure for Sally this weekend. Fun, Fun, Fun!

You'll never guess what I'm going to do this weekend. No, it's not dock diving, although it does involve water.

My mom and I are going on a field training seminar. Now, how cool is that! It's a hands-on...or paws-on...working 3-day seminar with Pacesetter Training Kennel. We'll work on things like marks on land and water, gun training, and get this....we'll get to work with real birds! Wow! I'm so excited, I'll never sleep tonight.

I've got my bag packed and ready to go. (And I won't be on the internet for three days either.)

Real birds. Real birds with feathers and all. My dear readers, I'm going to be a real retriever!!

My mom said she just wants me to learn this retriever stuff. She doesn't want to hunt with me....heck, she doesn't even own a gun and doesn't even like going out in the woods. My dad has been laughing at her going on the training seminar.

I heard them talking. It went something like this.

Dad: Now, Nancy (He calls her Nancy. What's wrong with "Mom?"), you realize you're going to be out in the field and woods for this seminar.

Mom: I know.

Dad: You'll probably get dirty.

Mom: (eyebrows raised) I know.

Dad: You might see bugs and critters.

Mom: (gulping) I know.

Dad: Snakes.

Mom: (gulping very hard) I know.

Dad: Okay, this I've got to see.

Dad, my money is with you. She's a weenie.

But I'm not! Birds, bugs, dirt, mud, water, snakes, and I come!

See you on the dock...or in the field,
Sally, the
Captain of Team 3 Dawg Flite
Proud member of Dixie Dock Dogs
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Mason Dixie said...

How very exciting for you. Hope you have tons of fun and get the real birds! see you in 3 days!

Martha Basset said...

Hi Sally
That does sound like a fun weekend - we will look forward to hearing all about it. We hope your mom enjoys it too and there are not too many nasties.
Martha & Bailey xxx

PTdogger said...

very cool! Can't wait to hear how you like those ducks.

Chester's Mom said...

I'm all butt wiggles waiting to hear about your adventure-you LUCKY DOG!