Saturday, January 31, 2009

Quick update...Hoppy's first jump???

Spud and I are having a great time dock diving up here in Louisville. Spud's doing fantastic. I'm doing okay. Then there's Hoppy.

My mom got Hoppy up on the dock for his first jump. Now, keep in mind that the two things a dog needs to be a dock diver are:

1. strong drive to retrieve toys
2. love of water

Let's see....

1. Hoppy has never ever retrieved anything outside. Not a ball, not a stick, not a bumper, nothing. So he has absolutely no drive to retrieve.

2. He will only go into the water up to his chest. So he has absolutely no fondness for water.

So far, not so good for Hoppy being a dock diver. But, my mom insisted on letting him have fun by being a part of the team and like Spud and me. So she paid the DockDogs wave fee and entered him in a wave. (Actually, it was more like a DockDogs donation, because she knew he would never jump!)

She got him up on the dock. He was running up and down the dock like he thought it was the back yard or something. Didn't he know he was supposed to sit and wait for her to throw the wubba and then jump in the water to retrieve it? What's wrong with this boy?

Now, I sat in my crate watching his shenanigans. Up and down the dock....running around playing. I barked and barked at him. "Hoppy, sit down. Hoppy, listen to mom. Hoppy, act like a dock dog!" But he wouldn't listen to me.

My mom got down at the end of the dock and tried to get him interested in the wubba and water. For a split second, he looked like he actually might jump.

But then he would run back down the dock. Playtime for Hoppy. My mom was cracking up laughing at him, as was everyone else. I was embarrassed.

Then, after looking again at the wubba, he was so happy and appreciative of my mom letting him up there on the dock, he actually started.......

......KISSING HER! Right there on the dock! OMG!

I have to run now. Time to get back over to the venue for our next wave. I'm going to get some Groucho Marx glasses/nose so no one recognizes me as I walk in with him.

See you on the dock,
Sally, the Captain of Team 3 Dawg Flite
Proud member of Dixie Dock Dogs
Dixie Dock Dogs video


Martha Basset said...

Oh you poor thing, how embarassing for you! What was your mom thinking of?
Having said that Hoppy did look kinda cute and when he kissed your mom..............
Now you have to remember not every dog is going to be as clever or as brave as you!
Can't wait to hear how you get on -although we suspect you will be a star!
Good Luck
Martha & Bailey xx

Chester's Mom said...

Yo Sally! I guess Hoppy's appearance is kinda embarassing for you, BUT just think about it for a minute. If he woulda made a huge jump it woulda made what you do look easy and you know that's not true. I think maybe Hoppy is gonna be on stage but maybe more like a comedian. And him kissing your mom at the end of the dock is just way too cute! Just be patient, Hoppy will find his way!

barb said...

Hoppy is just so cute kissing his mom! Can't wait to hear all about how you and Spud did with your dock diving. And don't forget the photos!

PTdogger said...

Groucho Marrx glasses and nose. Ha Ha, you are funny Sally. When you come dock diving near me, I'm going to bring my lab to watch you and Spud and Hoppy.