Friday, November 28, 2008

Ribbons, Ribbons Everywhere! (dock diving)

Look at all those colors! My mom and dad got a friend of theirs, Mark Parsons, to take our photograph with all of our ribbons from the Easton, Maryland event. Here are two of the photographs he of just Spud and me (with our ribbons), and one of all four of us.

I like our ribbons. I like winning them. But what I like most is that it makes my mom and dad so very happy. Spud and I really, really like making them happy because they are so good to us. They take us dock diving, they give us treats, they take us to play chuck-it, they give us belly rubs and scratch behind our ears, they give us good food to eat, they take us for rides, they take us to Pawtropolis (our day care) so we can play with our friends, they buy us nylabones and toys, they let me sleep up in the bed between them every night, they talk really nice to us and always call us nicknames.

So that's why Spud and I like winning ribbons to make them happy and proud. We like the ribbons, but we like the hugs and smiles more.

We love you, Mom and Dad!

See you on the dock,
Sally, the Fire in Team Fire and Ice
Proud member of Dixie Dock Dogs
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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dock Diving Personal photos

As promised, here is the series of photos my dad took of my personal best jump of 20'1" at the Waterfowl Festival up in Easton, Maryland last weekend. The series starts with me running down the dock and follows through all the way to splash down! Then, of course, there are two celebration of my crazy mom and one of me!

And there you have it! TA-DA!

See you on the dock,
Sally, the Fire in Team Fire and Ice
Proud Member of Dixie Dock Dogs
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Thursday, November 20, 2008

New events and B - I - G jumps!

It's been a long time since I've posted. My mom has been so busy with her work, that I haven't had a chance to use her computer. She has three of them, and most days, she has all three going doing something with her video work.

But today I told her, "Mom, I need the computer for just a little while to let my readers catch up on our dock diving. And I won't take no for an answer." So, here I am!

And yes, my dad did take Spud to a dock diving event over in Huntsville....without me! I'm still mad about that. My mom took me to Pawtropolis (our doggie day care) for the day while she shot a wedding, but he still owes me......big time! Here is Spud jumping over in Huntsville.

I don't remember what he jumped, but he did pretty good. I would tell you what I jumped, but, remember....I DIDN'T GET TO GO!

However, we all went to a dock diving event up in Easton, Maryland, this past weekend. It was something my mom and dad called a Waterfowl Festival. Both Spud and I did great!

I had a personal best jump of 20' 1" which is a Master division jump. I came in 15th overall (out of 120 dogs).

My dad, who's a professional sports photographer, got a really cool series of this jump. I'll make a special post about it later.

Spud did even better than me! He was awesome...jumping like the big dogs. He had a personal best jump of 23' 1" which is actually an Elite division jump! Way to go Spuddy! He came in 5th place overall with a jump of 22' 11" which was only one inch short of being in the Final Four. I don't know where he got all that energy!

We both got ribbons, and I'll make a separate post when my mom and dad get around to getting a photo with all our ribbons. We tried to take one after the event...after the award ceremony...but it was too dark.

You might notice our new jumping vests. Aren't they great! My dad got them for Spud and me...a bright blue one for Spud and a bright green one for me. They are made out of spandex material and are called competition vests. My mom's friend, Kathy, sewed on some patches to make us look really, really cool!

Something else new we've gotten recently is a new throw toy. My mom and dad call it a Flappy, and Spud and I absolutely LOVE it! Especially Spud, he'll jump a mile for that thing. I like it, too. It's like a bumper, but with flaps hanging off both ends of it.

Somethings else new about this jump was that it was our first time jumping in the cold....the freezing, windy, cold!! Brrrrrrrrrrrr! Saturday was a nice day, but Sunday's temps just got too low. Of course, it didn't bother Spud and me very much because we have these naturally warm fur coats. But my mom was a basket case! Look at her. I don't know if she's ready for dock diving or luge competitions!

She even got up on the dock to jump me while wearing that "Nanook of the North" arctic gear!!

Everyone thought she was crazy. She was the only one wearing a funny-looking hat like that! But, that's okay. She can wear a Green Bay Packers football helmet for all I care, as long as she keeps getting on that dock with me.

Now, not only do Spud and I have those great fur coats to keep us warm, but this time, we had something special. My mom and dad got us our own doggie coats. Spud got a blue one, and I got a purple one. And again, my mom's friend, Kathy, sewed cool Dixie Dock Dog patches on the coats.

Don't we look just so cool in our coats!! But it seems Spud and I are not the only dawgs that our mom and dad were interested in. They are big University of Georgia Bulldog fans, and our tent and crating area showed that enthusiasm


(BTW, the DAWGS beat Auburn that day!)

It really was a very fun event. I got to meet a lot of new doggie friends, and my mom and dad met a lot of new people also. Most of them were in the Delmarva Dock Dogs club, but other people from other clubs and surrounding areas came to the event also.

It's going to be a long time until we go to another event. This is the off season for dock diving. But Spud and I talked last night, and we are ready for the dock....anytime, any place. We love it!

See you on the dock,
Sally, the Fire in Team Fire and Ice
Dixie Dock Dogs
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