Sunday, August 31, 2008

Our Throw Objects (aka our TOYS!)

As you already know, Spud and I love to retrieve, especially in the water. That's what we were born for, and that's what we do best. And that's what makes us good dock divers. After all, what is dock diving? Water retrieving!!

I thought you might want to take a look at what we actually retrieve when we dock dive. My mom and dad call these things "throw objects." But my brother and I think that's a mighty fancy term for T-O-Y-S!

My mom started out throwing this orange bumper for me. I don't use it much anymore, but it will always hold a special place in my heart. Every once in a while, my mom gets it out and throws it for some of my jumps.

At one of my dock diving events in North Carolina, my mom and dad bought me a new bumper. It was black and white and a little bigger than the orange one. I felt like such a big dog when my mom threw it for me!!

Right after they got me the new black and white bumper is when Spud decided he wanted to start dock diving. So, Mom and Dad got two new toys for us called wubbas. One was orange and one was yellow. A wubba is like a canvas-covered ball with long canvas legs. It looks kind of like an octopus. Spud really loves those wubbas!! Every time my mom gets it out for me, here comes Spud. And sometimes we fight over the wubba, like in these pictures.

"Give it back Spud!!!" Oh, little brothers can be so aggravating!!!

About then my mom saw us fighting over it and said in her best stern voice, "Sally, Spud, NO." Boy, when my mom get all "stern," (whatever that means), Spud and I know we better listen. She's not playing. Then she told us, "Release. Release." That is our command to let go, so both of us let go of the wubba, and it dropped to the ground.

She picked it up and put it away. Of course, she had to give us the same old lecture. "Now you two know we don't play like that with our throw objects. These are used only for dock diving. If you want to play like this, go get one of your toys." If I could speak her language, I'd tell her, "But to us these ARE toys."

Okay, back to the throw objects. Like I said before, we have two wubbas. Here is Spud with the orange one. He loves those wubbas and will jump a long, long distance for them.

We also have two other throw objects called Dead Fowl Trainers, or as most humans call them, DFTs. But to us dogs, a DFT is just a duck. That's what my mom and dad call it when they are talking to Spud and me. We love those ducks! We have a big one, which is actually a normal size DFT, and we also have a smaller one. My mom and dad got the smaller one because they thought it would be easier to throw. My dad throws the smaller duck a lot for Spud. Here's that goofy brother of mine with his small duck.

Now I, on the other hand, like the big duck. Oh, I like the smaller one also, but that big duck is what we use for my Speed Retrieve, and it makes me feel important to retrieve that big duck. My mom and I talked this past week and decided that she's going to start throwing that big duck for me at my next event.

I whisper to it, "Duck, I'm going to do a 20' jump for you next time."

Then I pick it up and bring it back to my mom for safe keeping.

With all these great toys, or throw objects, my mom just had to go get me a new one.....a stupid rubber chicken.

I sniffed it.....

and sniffed it....

And then I told my mom, "We don't need no stinkin' chicken!" So that chicken is now inside in our toy box. (Spud can have it. heh, heh)

So, that's it for today from Team Fire and Ice. All of our throw objects are always kept by our mom and dad in a safe place where we can't get to them to play with them and tear them up. (darn!)

The happiest days for Spud and me are when they bring those throw objects out, because that means.....we're going.....dock diving!!!

See you on the dock....
The FIRE in Team Fire and Ice
Dixie Dock Dogs

Friday, August 22, 2008

We're going to the Nationals! And I'm doing Speed Retrieve!

Boy, oh boy, oh boy!! Team Fire and Ice is going to the Nationals....the big finale of the dock diving seasion....the crowning championship event! This is quite an honor as not everyone can go.

In order to be qualified to go to the Nationals, a dog must have a National title. No problem here. Spud got his Senior Title back at Columbus, and I got my Senior Title in West Virginia.

Well, guess what! My mom just found out that not only am I qualified for Big Air at the Nationals, I am also qualified for Speed Retrieve!! Yippeeeeeee! I love Speed Retrieve. That's my favorite event out of all the dock diving events! In order to qualify, I needed three runs (scores) in National Speed Retrieves. And I got two scores in Columbus and one in West Virginia. So I'm qualified.

What is Speed Retrieve, you ask? Well, let me explain.

First of all, they hang a Dead Fowl Trainer or DFT (I just call it a duck) at the far end of the pool.

Then my mom takes me to the end of the dock and shows me that DFT. In my opinion, this step is unnecessary. Believe me, I can find that duck without anyone's help!! But it makes her feel good to do this, so I play along with her.

After she's satisfied I've seen that DFT, she takes me back to the starting line which is about halfway down the dock. I want to get that duck, but she keeps holding me back. She always takes my front paws and puts them in this white stripe that she calls the "starting line." I wish she would just leave my paws alone! And she starts getting me all excited about that duck. "Do you want that duck, Sally?" or "Gonna get that duck, Sally?" Well, of course I am!! Why in the world does she keep asking me that!!!!!! Silly mom!

My mom keeps looking at some lights down just over that duck. The lights are yellow and green. When the yellow comes on, she gets REAL excited. Me, too. I almost can't stand it any longer. I want that duck soooooooo bad! When that light turns green, she finally lets me go. All I can think about is getting that duck!

I start running as fast as I can. I keep low to the ground (dock) and keep my eyes only on that duck. I want that duck so bad. I can hear my mom yelling behind me, "Go, Sally, go! Get that duck, girl!" Although she really doesn't need to yell like that, it does make me go faster. Also, about now, the crowd is yelling and screaming. I am so hyped up. I'm using every muscle in my body to go as fast as I can.

In just a couple of seconds, I'm at the end of the dock and flying off into the water. I can still hear my mom yelling even louder now. I can hear the crowd cheering. And I never, ever take my eyes off that duck. I can't get there fast enough. At that moment, that duck is the most important thing in my life. As I splash into the water, my back legs start kicking and my front paws start swimming to get me to that duck!

I get closer and closer. In just a few more seconds, I'm close enough to open my mouth. That duck is MINE!!!!!

"Say your prayers, duck, you're goin' down!"

And the duck is down!!!! Everyone is clapping and cheering. I'm so pumped as I turn around to swim back to the ramp. My mom meets me at the top of the ramp and always tells me what a good girl I am and acts so proud! It makes me feel good.

The whole Speed Retrieve takes me a little over 7 seconds. The really good dogs can do it in under 7 seconds. And a few can even do it in under 6 seconds! WOW!! How do they do that???

So I probably won't place in Speed Retrieve at the Nationals, because all those "under 7 seconds" dogs will be there competing. But I don't care. My mom and I both consider it an honor just to be there competing with those super Speed Retrievers.

Stay tuned for more updates about our upcoming trip to the Nationals. And keep your fingers crossed for Spud and me!

See you on the dock...
The Fire in Team Fire and Ice
Dixie Dock Dogs

Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Guest Writer Filling in for Sally

Hi. This is Spud. i am sallys little brother. I am very sorry if this is difikult to reed, but i can't writ and tipe as good as my big sister sally. She asked me to rite an entree in her blog so i thot i wud rite about how sally and me are good freinds.

Sally helps me all the time. she teeched me how to retreeve and how to play bitey face. sumtimes we play bitey face so much that our mom and dad say STOP THAT NOW! That is when sally and me go into the kichen and laff at them when they can't see us.

Sally tought me how to swim and retreeve thing in the water. She is a reel gud swimmer. But the best thing sally tought me is how to dok dive. At first i was so skeered. But sally kep telling me Spud, it is fun. just jump in the water and get the bumper. she was rite. it is the most funnest thing in the hole world!

sally is also gud about telling me wat to do. she tells me wat toys i can play wif and where i can go. i gess she is the boss of me. i herd my mom call sally the alpha. i don't know wat that meens, but i think it meens she is my boss. but i don't care i love her very very much anyway.

here is a video that my mom made about what gud friends me and sally are. Aren't we cute!!

Sally and Spud are BFF!!!

Video thumbnail. Click to play
Click To Play

I hope sally lets me rite in her blog again. this has ben fun. goodby.

The ICE in Team Fire and Ice
Dixie Dock Dogs

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Our events are fun, fun, FUN!!

This is a promo video my mom made for our club, Dixie Dock Dogs. It's made from footage she shot at our event in Columbus, GA and up at the State Fair of West Virginia. There are a lot of my doggie friends (and human friends) in the video. Also, there are a lot of cool shots of all the neat stuff at our events.


Now can you see why Spud and I get all excited about going to these events? They are AWESOME!

See you on the dock,
The FIRE in Team Fire and Ice
Dixie Dock Dogs

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

West Virginia was absolutely SUPER!! (lots of pics)

We had an awesome time at the event at the State Fair of West Virginia. There were tons of people, lots of good smells, and best of all.....dock diving for three straight days!! Spud and I were in doggie heaven!

The crowds were wonderful...stands full for every show. They loved us!

Spud really had a great event. He set a new personal best of 19'10" and also came in 2nd in the Semi-Pro Finals. My brother has come such a long way. And I'm so proud of that boy!!

Isn't he handsome!!

I had an okay event. The first day, I did pretty well. I had a 1st and 2nd place finish in the Waves (qualifying rounds). The highlight of the day was when I got my Senior Title!

I also did EV. I'm not all that good at EV (yet), but it's really fun. My mom said she is going to get me a hurdle to practice for EV. Here's a photo of one of my EV jumps.

Saturday was okay. I did a couple of good jumps, but also did some of what my mom calls "flat" jumps. We've got to work on that. But the best part of Saturday was Speed Retrieve. I didn't place, but I enjoyed myself. I think I like Speed Retrieve best of all. Here are some photos from one of my Speed Retrieve runs.

Here is one of my favorite photos. My mom and I laughed and laughed over this one. What happened was that she threw my bumper short, and I actually out-jumped the bumper. So I'm trying my best, while in the air, to reach back and get the bumper. It looks like I'm putting on the brakes with my feet. See how my paws and toes are all spread out trying to stop me in midair. (It's okay if you laugh at this photo. We are still laughing at it.)

I like this photo because it shows how crazy my mom is. Almost every time we got up on the dock to jump, she would get the crowd all revved up and cheering for me. She would yell things like, "Let's hear it for Sally." And the crowd would always respond with a big cheer. (Personally, I think my mom loves being the center of attention!! But don't tell her I said that.)
This has to be my most favorite photo of the entire weekend. First of all, it is my entire mom and dad and brother and I....all together. Secondly, look at all that BLING!!
Here are some random photos from our dock diving. I think you can see that Spud and I enjoyed ourselves tremendously. So did our mom and dad.
So, now can you tell that we had fun, fun, fun! It was a great event, and all four of us are still worn out. But....we're already looking forward to the next event.

See you on the dock...
The Fire in Team Fire and Ice

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Latest News from West Virginia

Hey y'all....we are having a blast up here at the State Fair of West Virginia!! It's absolutely beautiful scenery and a great big fair with hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people. My mom and dad have our tent and crates and stuff all set up in this grassy area right beside the dock. Spud and I are having an awesome time watching all the people. Lots of them come up to us and talk to mom and dad and pet us. I think we are popular!!

I've met a lot of new doggie friends from some place my mom and dad call the "Buckeye Dock Dogs Club." I think they are from up in Ohio. They are lots of fun people and dogs....and some really good jumpers!!

So far, Spud and I have done pretty well. We are hoping to make it to the finals. We won't know until after the last wave today at 12:30. I've done Big Air and EV and Speed Retrieve. It has been so much FUN so far. I wish we could stay here forever jumping and meeting all these people and dogs.

I don't have any photos until we get home and my mom can help me upload them. I'm really not very good with computers and uploading. Sometimes my big chocolate paws are just too big for these keyboard keys.

So check back soon for a good update.....with lots of photos! And in the meantime, keep your fingers and paws crossed for Spud and me to make the finals!

See you on the dock...
The Fire in Team Fire and Ice

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

All aboard for West Virginia!

Well, we leave early tomorrow for another dock diving event. This time, my mom and dad, Spud, and I are going up to West Virginia. There's big state fair in some town. I keep hearing my mom and dad talking about it being in the "mountains"....whatever that is. But I don't care what it's in. I just want to dock dive!

I only need one more jump in the Senior Division and I'll have my Senior Title. It's taken me quite a while to get there. That's because my mom says I "jump all over the board." One time I'll jump over 20 feet, and then I'll jump only 14 feet. But we're working on me jumping more "consistently." I guess I better get "consistent," because it sure seems like that would make my mom a happy camper.

Here are a couple of photos from practice this past Sunday. We had 16 dogs at practice!!! That's the most we've ever had....ever! We got a lot of new members in our club, which is great because that's so many new doggie friends for me and Spud. See how big I jumped on Sunday??

Y'all keep your fingers crossed for Spud and me this weekend. We've been training hard and really, really want to bring home some medals. Check back next week to see how we did.

See you on the dock,
The Fire in Team Fire and Ice