Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hoppy is gonna be the death of me yet!

Thank goodness our crating area was way away from the dock area at the event in Charleston.

And here is the obligatory photo of my mom and dad standing in our tent. There we are in our crates.....Spud, Hoppy, and me.

Does anyone besides me think it's unfair that the humans get to walk all over the place completely unfettered during a dock diving event, but the dogs have to be crated? I mean, who is the most important here. Without the dogs, there would be no dock diving!

But I'll save all that for another post.

This post is about you-know-who. Hoppy! Yep, my mom let him up on the dock again. He isn't any closer to dock diving now than he was back in

I saw these photos on my dad's computer when he was editing them, so I'm going to show you exactly what that goofy Hoppy did. Just the thought of a member of Team 3 Dawg Flite acting like such of googball while he's supposed to be dock diving.....well, where is my Prozac?

Although I didn't hear him talking to my mom, I know what he was saying...or thinking. So I put captions with these photos. This, my dear readers, is my brother Hoppy.

"Hmmmm.....looks like water down there."

"Oh Mom, you brought my wubba. Cool!"

"Mom, you're not putting my wubba in the water, are you? Why?"

"Uh, Mom, I'll just whisper this in your ear so I won't
embarrass you. The wubba belongs home in the toy box,
not up here on the dock."

"Uh-oh, Mom, you have some syrup from breakfast on your chin.
Here let me just clean it off for you. You're welcome."

"Now see what you did. You put the wubba down there
in the water and you can't reach it. Ha-Ha-Ha!"
"Huh? You want me to do WHAT!"

"Anyone out there besides me think this woman is completely nuts?"

"I love you, Mom. I'll jump next time, I promise. But this time,
let's just have fun. Okay, Mom?"

Dear readers, anyone out there who worships any type diety, please pray for my brother, Hoppy. He needs all the help he can get.

I'm going to enter the witness protection program.

See you on the dock,
Sally, the Captain of Team 3 Dawg Flite
Proud member of Dixie Dock Dogs
Dixie Dock Dogs video


Mason Dixie said...

I think Hoppy is just going to jump on his own time. =) Maybe if you two jumped together or if your mom got in the water. that may help. =)

barb said...

Sally, I think your mom is a saint for working with Hoppy like that. Did she have to work with you like that when you started dock diving? If that were my dog, he would be all over the place acting crazy. Hoppy will make it. Just wait. Maybe one day Hoppy will be right up there jumping those big distances just like you and Spud.

Painter Pack said...

Haroo woo woo! Witness protection? I have some nice doggles woo can use as a disguise!

Mya Boo Boo

Lori said...

hoppy, you are too funny. you sure do love you mom.

Martha Basset said...

Oh Sally, Hoppy is just soooo cute!
Maybe Hoppy doesn't want to be a dock diving dog. Could he be your lucky mascot?
The other point - we completely agree that it is grossly unfair that humans get to walk about whilst dogs - the stars of the show - have to be in their crates!
It is an outrage!!!
Where is the petition and we'll sign it.
your fans
Martha & Bailey xx

Chester's Mom said...

I believe Hoppy was meant to be your own personal cheerleader. I'm sure it is a little daunting to see how you jump and that his would not measure up, so to speak. You are also going to need an agent for all these mega deals you are about to be presented with. I can't wait to see your picture on a cereal box!!
Anyway back to Hoppy-he is such a handsome, easy-going fella, I just think he doesn't feel the need to prove himself. And let's not forget Spud-he is an athlete in his own right!
Woofs and slobbers to you all!