Sunday, August 31, 2008

Our Throw Objects (aka our TOYS!)

As you already know, Spud and I love to retrieve, especially in the water. That's what we were born for, and that's what we do best. And that's what makes us good dock divers. After all, what is dock diving? Water retrieving!!

I thought you might want to take a look at what we actually retrieve when we dock dive. My mom and dad call these things "throw objects." But my brother and I think that's a mighty fancy term for T-O-Y-S!

My mom started out throwing this orange bumper for me. I don't use it much anymore, but it will always hold a special place in my heart. Every once in a while, my mom gets it out and throws it for some of my jumps.

At one of my dock diving events in North Carolina, my mom and dad bought me a new bumper. It was black and white and a little bigger than the orange one. I felt like such a big dog when my mom threw it for me!!

Right after they got me the new black and white bumper is when Spud decided he wanted to start dock diving. So, Mom and Dad got two new toys for us called wubbas. One was orange and one was yellow. A wubba is like a canvas-covered ball with long canvas legs. It looks kind of like an octopus. Spud really loves those wubbas!! Every time my mom gets it out for me, here comes Spud. And sometimes we fight over the wubba, like in these pictures.

"Give it back Spud!!!" Oh, little brothers can be so aggravating!!!

About then my mom saw us fighting over it and said in her best stern voice, "Sally, Spud, NO." Boy, when my mom get all "stern," (whatever that means), Spud and I know we better listen. She's not playing. Then she told us, "Release. Release." That is our command to let go, so both of us let go of the wubba, and it dropped to the ground.

She picked it up and put it away. Of course, she had to give us the same old lecture. "Now you two know we don't play like that with our throw objects. These are used only for dock diving. If you want to play like this, go get one of your toys." If I could speak her language, I'd tell her, "But to us these ARE toys."

Okay, back to the throw objects. Like I said before, we have two wubbas. Here is Spud with the orange one. He loves those wubbas and will jump a long, long distance for them.

We also have two other throw objects called Dead Fowl Trainers, or as most humans call them, DFTs. But to us dogs, a DFT is just a duck. That's what my mom and dad call it when they are talking to Spud and me. We love those ducks! We have a big one, which is actually a normal size DFT, and we also have a smaller one. My mom and dad got the smaller one because they thought it would be easier to throw. My dad throws the smaller duck a lot for Spud. Here's that goofy brother of mine with his small duck.

Now I, on the other hand, like the big duck. Oh, I like the smaller one also, but that big duck is what we use for my Speed Retrieve, and it makes me feel important to retrieve that big duck. My mom and I talked this past week and decided that she's going to start throwing that big duck for me at my next event.

I whisper to it, "Duck, I'm going to do a 20' jump for you next time."

Then I pick it up and bring it back to my mom for safe keeping.

With all these great toys, or throw objects, my mom just had to go get me a new one.....a stupid rubber chicken.

I sniffed it.....

and sniffed it....

And then I told my mom, "We don't need no stinkin' chicken!" So that chicken is now inside in our toy box. (Spud can have it. heh, heh)

So, that's it for today from Team Fire and Ice. All of our throw objects are always kept by our mom and dad in a safe place where we can't get to them to play with them and tear them up. (darn!)

The happiest days for Spud and me are when they bring those throw objects out, because that means.....we're going.....dock diving!!!

See you on the dock....
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Barbara said...

I love following Sally's antics. You seem to have quite a dog!

Irie said...

Hi Sally and Spud-
I know you from the Lab Forum! Really cool blog you have here. I have one too, please come and check it out:
I would love to do dock diving, but Mom can't seem to find anywhere near us. Oh well, I'll settle for a good pond any day!