Sunday, August 10, 2008

Latest News from West Virginia

Hey y'all....we are having a blast up here at the State Fair of West Virginia!! It's absolutely beautiful scenery and a great big fair with hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people. My mom and dad have our tent and crates and stuff all set up in this grassy area right beside the dock. Spud and I are having an awesome time watching all the people. Lots of them come up to us and talk to mom and dad and pet us. I think we are popular!!

I've met a lot of new doggie friends from some place my mom and dad call the "Buckeye Dock Dogs Club." I think they are from up in Ohio. They are lots of fun people and dogs....and some really good jumpers!!

So far, Spud and I have done pretty well. We are hoping to make it to the finals. We won't know until after the last wave today at 12:30. I've done Big Air and EV and Speed Retrieve. It has been so much FUN so far. I wish we could stay here forever jumping and meeting all these people and dogs.

I don't have any photos until we get home and my mom can help me upload them. I'm really not very good with computers and uploading. Sometimes my big chocolate paws are just too big for these keyboard keys.

So check back soon for a good update.....with lots of photos! And in the meantime, keep your fingers and paws crossed for Spud and me to make the finals!

See you on the dock...
The Fire in Team Fire and Ice

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