Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Guest Writer Filling in for Sally

Hi. This is Spud. i am sallys little brother. I am very sorry if this is difikult to reed, but i can't writ and tipe as good as my big sister sally. She asked me to rite an entree in her blog so i thot i wud rite about how sally and me are good freinds.

Sally helps me all the time. she teeched me how to retreeve and how to play bitey face. sumtimes we play bitey face so much that our mom and dad say STOP THAT NOW! That is when sally and me go into the kichen and laff at them when they can't see us.

Sally tought me how to swim and retreeve thing in the water. She is a reel gud swimmer. But the best thing sally tought me is how to dok dive. At first i was so skeered. But sally kep telling me Spud, it is fun. just jump in the water and get the bumper. she was rite. it is the most funnest thing in the hole world!

sally is also gud about telling me wat to do. she tells me wat toys i can play wif and where i can go. i gess she is the boss of me. i herd my mom call sally the alpha. i don't know wat that meens, but i think it meens she is my boss. but i don't care i love her very very much anyway.

here is a video that my mom made about what gud friends me and sally are. Aren't we cute!!

Sally and Spud are BFF!!!

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I hope sally lets me rite in her blog again. this has ben fun. goodby.

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Barbara said...

I saw a link to your blog on a forum and thought I would check it out. How cute! Superb video!