Wednesday, August 13, 2008

West Virginia was absolutely SUPER!! (lots of pics)

We had an awesome time at the event at the State Fair of West Virginia. There were tons of people, lots of good smells, and best of all.....dock diving for three straight days!! Spud and I were in doggie heaven!

The crowds were wonderful...stands full for every show. They loved us!

Spud really had a great event. He set a new personal best of 19'10" and also came in 2nd in the Semi-Pro Finals. My brother has come such a long way. And I'm so proud of that boy!!

Isn't he handsome!!

I had an okay event. The first day, I did pretty well. I had a 1st and 2nd place finish in the Waves (qualifying rounds). The highlight of the day was when I got my Senior Title!

I also did EV. I'm not all that good at EV (yet), but it's really fun. My mom said she is going to get me a hurdle to practice for EV. Here's a photo of one of my EV jumps.

Saturday was okay. I did a couple of good jumps, but also did some of what my mom calls "flat" jumps. We've got to work on that. But the best part of Saturday was Speed Retrieve. I didn't place, but I enjoyed myself. I think I like Speed Retrieve best of all. Here are some photos from one of my Speed Retrieve runs.

Here is one of my favorite photos. My mom and I laughed and laughed over this one. What happened was that she threw my bumper short, and I actually out-jumped the bumper. So I'm trying my best, while in the air, to reach back and get the bumper. It looks like I'm putting on the brakes with my feet. See how my paws and toes are all spread out trying to stop me in midair. (It's okay if you laugh at this photo. We are still laughing at it.)

I like this photo because it shows how crazy my mom is. Almost every time we got up on the dock to jump, she would get the crowd all revved up and cheering for me. She would yell things like, "Let's hear it for Sally." And the crowd would always respond with a big cheer. (Personally, I think my mom loves being the center of attention!! But don't tell her I said that.)
This has to be my most favorite photo of the entire weekend. First of all, it is my entire mom and dad and brother and I....all together. Secondly, look at all that BLING!!
Here are some random photos from our dock diving. I think you can see that Spud and I enjoyed ourselves tremendously. So did our mom and dad.
So, now can you tell that we had fun, fun, fun! It was a great event, and all four of us are still worn out. But....we're already looking forward to the next event.

See you on the dock...
The Fire in Team Fire and Ice


nglowaz said...

Yeah Sally and Spud! You should bring your bling into Pawtropolis sometime. Love you two!

Jillian said...

Congrats Sally and Spud! You guys are gorgeous and so much fun. Bailey and I hope to meet you guys someday!

Jillian & Bailey