Sunday, September 7, 2008

Daddy, when are we going to get there!

I really like going places with my mom and dad, and of course, Spud. Sometimes when I go some place with just my mom, it's not always fun. Sometimes, it's just to a building where she drives up to some window and talks to a lady. (I think she calls it a bank.) Or we will ride down to some other big building with lots of cars and people and the letters K-R-O-G-E-R on the front. Then she always leaves me in the car while she goes in that big building. She never stays long, and I actually like looking all around at the people while she is in there.

Other times we go to this really neat store where I can go in with her and get our dog food. Sometimes we go to this place where she pulls up to a big tall thing and shuts off her car. She gets out and puts a big hose into the back of the car.

Going on these "errands" (that's what my mom calls these trips) with my mom is okay. But when my mom and dad take me and Spud in my dad's truck, it's ALWAYS for a fun time! We are either going dock diving or to play chuck-it at the ball field or somewhere really, really neat.

So when we are traveling together, I'm always very anxious to see what's up now. This is the way I let my dad know I want to get there NOW!

Usually, when I do this, he'll say something like, "Oh, Stinky!" (that's what he calls me) But if I get no response at all from him, I'll sigh really loud...right in his ear. That gets his attention. (hee-hee!)

I love my dad. But I'd love him even more if he would just hurry up and get Spud and me to the next fun time!!

See you on the dock,
The FIRE of Team Fire and Ice

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