Monday, September 15, 2008

A party for dogs

Have you ever been to a party for dogs? Especially dock diving dogs? Well, it has to involve water and swimming and retrieving. And that's just what our party had yesterday.

Our dock diving club, Dixie Dock Dogs, had what my mom and dad called a "social" over at Ft. Yargo. That's a state park in Winder, Georgia. Oh my goodness! It was perfect for us dock divers. There was a big lake and lots of bumpers and balls and plenty of grass and trees and lots of adults throwing stuff for us to retrieve all day long!

They did stop once for a little while to eat, but then it was right back to swimming, retrieving, and running! We dogs had a BLAST!! I think the humans did, too.

There were about 19 humans at the dog party and 13 dogs. Most of them were Labrador Retrievers like Spud and me. But we also had a couple of Golden Retriever mixes and even one Basset Hound. He was crazy. His name was Emmett and he kept running around barking at us. He walked down into the water, but he doesn't retrieve or swim. But he sure barks and sniffs!

By the time it was all over, Spud and I were really, really tired. My mom called us "worn out."

My dad took lots of photographs, and my mom made a cool video from them. Here it is. You can see for yourself what a party for dogs looks like.

Thanks for looking at the video and reading about our party. Maybe next time, you can come to our dogs' party!

See you on the dock,
The FIRE of Team Fire and Ice
Dixie Dock Dogs


Lori said...

looks like your dogs had a real party. i wish my dogs had a place like that to play. i read some of your other posts. sally is quite a writer. :)

barb said...

I just love reading about Sally's fun times. I have two dogs myself.