Friday, September 19, 2008

Pack it up. We're off to Destin

Spud and I are going to Destin this weekend, to the SanDestin Resort, for a dock diving event. We are so excited! My mom began packing last night. I always know we are going on a dock diving trip when she gets out this big red box and starts putting stuff out on the table. And when that black and yellow equipment case comes out.....yippee!

Mom puts all the good stuff in the equipment case, because that's what goes to the event with us. (The red storage box stays in the motel room.) See what I mean? She puts bumpers and ducks and treats and all kinds of good stuff in that equipment case.

Sometimes Spud and I help her.

And then, once she gets everything packed, she loads the car. Boy, that is a job. She has to load crates, the ice chest, equipment box, storage box, her chair, water, her bag, and lots of other stuff.

Spud and I always supervise to make sure she doesn't forget anything. "Don't forget the chuck-it and tennis balls, Mom, so we can stop and play on the ride down there."

We think she did a pretty good job.

We will be back late Sunday night (or early Monday morning!). The only bad thing about this trip is that our dad can't go with us. He has to shoot some football or soccer or some type games up in North Georgia.

Wish us luck to jump big! Spud and I and our mom are very, very excited!!!

See ya on the dock,
The Fire of Team Fire and Ice
Dixie Dock Dogs

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Hi Sally and Spud!

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