Saturday, September 27, 2008

My Grandaddy

It's been quite a while since I've posted, but we have been very busy with some not-so-pleasant things. While my mom and Spud and I were in Destin at that dock jumping event, my dad had to go down to Griffin, GA, to take care of his dad who is very, very ill. I overheard my mom talking to my dad on the phone about my grandaddy being in something they called a "hospital."

Now, usually when my mom talks about Grandaddy, she is all happy and upbeat, because everyone loves Grandaddy so much. I especially love my grandaddy, and he really, really loves me. He was up visiting my mom and dad the weekend they went to pick me up from the breeder, back in December, 2006, and went with them. So I've known him just as long as I've known my mom and dad. Here's a photo of me as a little puppy with Grandaddy that weekend.

I really liked sleeping in his arms, because he was so gentle and loving with me and made me feel secure.

Here's a video of me when I was a little puppy. I was only 9 weeks old, and I was retrieving already. In this video, you can see Grandaddy outside playing with me. He thought I was cute!

As I grew older, if he was up here visiting with us on my dock diving practice days, he would always come to watch me practice. He was so proud of me!! He even bought me a special bag with my name "Sally" right on the bag for me to carry my towels, throw objects, treats, and other things I needed.

I always got very, very excited when Grandaddy came to visit. Every morning when I got up, I would run right back to his room and wait for him to get up. Sometimes, if I could nudge the door open, I would run in there and give him a big kiss to wake him up! Here's a photo of Grandaddy loving me just last Christmas. He didn't feel real good, but we didn't know he was getting so very sick.

See how much my Grandaddy and I love each other.

Now I keep hearing my mom and dad talk about how they brought him up here to where we live, but he's not at our house. He's in something they call a "nursing home." And he's getting cared for by some people they call "hospice." I hear the word "cancer" used a lot.

I don't know what all this means, but now when they talk about Grandaddy, they are not happy any longer. Everyone is very serious and somber, sometimes even sad. I know he's up here in Athens (which is very near us), and I keep wanting to go see him, but they won't take me.

But all of this sudden activity involving my mom and dad taking care of Grandaddy is why I haven't posted in a while. I promise I'll post more very soon. I need to post the results of our event in Destin. (I'm waiting for pictures from friends.) Right now, however, we are all concentrating on helping Grandaddy. Please remember him in your thoughts and prayers.

See you on the dock,
The Fire in Team Fire and Ice
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barb said...

i've been waiting to see how sally and spud did at the dock diving last weekend. now i understand why sally hasn't told us. i'm very sorry about sally's grandfathers illness. i hope everything works out for sally and spud.