Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Pedigrees and parents. My emotional trauma.

I'm going to get this out in the open. I don't want some tabloid to come along and find the story and splash it all over the news stands and TV like they did the "John Edwards cheating on his wife" story or the "Elliot Spitzer scandal."

I do not want my family shamed like that. I refuse to put them through such pain. I love them too much. So, here goes.

I found out that Hoppy and I are actually half brother and sister. We have the same father. Can you believe that? Let me explain.

My parents showed me my pedigree once and my bio parents' names were Hot Chocolate (mom) and Badger (dad). When I was a little bitty puppy, I loved them so much...especially my dad. He was (and still is) a gorgeous lab. Here's a picture of him that my human dad took the day they came out to see our litter.

OMG!!!! Hoppy looks just like Badger! And no wonder, Badger is his dad, also. I don't look like my dad. I probably look like my mom, but we don't have any pictures of her.

What, you ask, is so bad about being Hoppy's half sister? Can't you see what this means? Can't you read between the sleazy lines?

My dad (bio dad) went out and cheated on my mom (bio mom)! And I thought they were so happy together. They produced a beautiful litter of 13 of the cutest puppies. That would be me and my 12 littermates. Here we are at about 5 weeks old.

I'm devastated now that I found out that he cheated on my mom with some female named Melee or Jada or whatever. That's where Hoppy came from. I saw it on his pedigree.

Well, I talked to my human mom.....and she said that I should just let it go. She said that dogs aren't like humans, and often times they do things like this, so it is okay. And that I should love Hoppy even more because we are blood related.

Oh geez. Okay, I'll love him, but, Hoppy, don't ask me to donate a kidney!

See you on the dock,
Sally, the FIRE in Team Fire and Ice
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(( K@Y )) said...

Wishing your family, friends and you a sweet 2009!

Chester's Mom said...

Sally! Don't get yourself all drooled up over this! I, of course don't know for sure, but I've heard that humans actually set up dates for their males and females to "hook up" for $$$. So it is quite possible that Badger was set up and it can't really be considered his fault. I mean, he is a dog and when something as tempting as uh, how do I say this politely? Something as sweet as your mom is flaunted in front of him, what's a dog to do? So don't be too hard on Badger. Just love the Hopster and don't bring up the past. Here's to a great 2009! Chester

Lori said...

sally, look at it this way. one day you might need a kidney from him! You and your brothers have a happy new year from my two dogs, fred and trixie.

Nigel, Sola and Co. said...

Big furry cheater! : )