Monday, December 15, 2008

Waiting for dock diving and keeping us busy.

I can't wait for dock diving season to begin again. I heard my mom and dad talking about our first event being in February in Charleston, S.C. Of course, we will train on land and hopefully in the water before then (after it warms up a bit).

But until dock diving begins again, I'm doing my best to keep my readers up-to-date on the other fun stuff in the lives of Team Fire and Ice.

One of the best things that happens to us is when we get to go to our doggie daycare. It's a place called Pawtropolis, and it is awesome!!!!

Sometimes Spud and I go for the entire day, and sometimes we only go for a few hours. We don't go every day, but usually 2 or maybe 3 days a week. Occasionally, when both our mom and dad have late night shoots, we will spend the night over there. That's really cool!

At Pawtropolis, they have all the dogs divided up into what they call play groups. That's so each dog will be in with dogs of its same size and similar temperament. In other words, it wouldn't be good to have a big dog like me with such boundless energy and drive to play with a smaller couch potato dog. I would drive that poor dog crazy!

(All of these photos were taken by the Pawtropolis staff for their own blog.)

So what do we do at day care? We tug.

(That yellow lab in the above photo really looks like Spud. But it's not.)

We play with balls and rings and all sorts of fun toys.

They have a great outdoor area for us to run and play real hard. And the best part? It has a pool! That's right. We can play in the pool with our toys!

(In the above photo, notice Spud watching me.)

Spud also loves Pawtropolis. He doesn't play as hard and fast as I do, but he loves it when they bring out the tennis balls to retrieve. He also enjoys just chilling out and having all the staff members love on him! Here are some photos of Spud having fun at daycare.

And here's a photo of Spud and me with our favorite toys...Spud with his tennis ball and me with my jolly ball.

Yep, Spud and I really enjoy our days when we get to go to Pawtropolis. The staff is so good to us, and our mom and dad say they feel very confident that we are happy and safe over there. I guess that's important to them. All that's important to me is getting to play and play and play!

See you on the dock,
Sally, the Fire in Team Fire and Ice
Dixie Dock Dogs
Dixie Dock Dogs video


Chester's Mom said...

I said it before and I'll say it again-YOU ARE LUCKY DOGS! Pawtropolis looks like Heaven on earth to me. I bet you guys really, really sleep good after being there for a day. It was too cold to do it for my birthday (November) but Mom said this summer I might get to go to Good Dog Doggie Daycare and they just put in a pond for water pooches like me to play in. I can't wait!

Lori said...

my dogs are very jealous of that cool doggie daycare. i have a lab and a yorkie. they would love to play at a place like that. very, very cool!

nglowaz said...

Thank you for using the pictures I took of your kids. They are definite favorites of mine and I always look forward to seeing them.

Ruby Isabella said...

Hi Sally and Spud,
I'm Ruby Isabella from Brisbane, Australia. You dogs sure do have a lot of fun. I had never heard of that dock diving, it looks great.

Ruby Isabella