Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sally Goes Vertical

My brother, Spud, and I went to an event in Asheville, NC, this past Sunday. There were signs all over the place that said "Bele Chere," and there were all kinds of booths set up on the streets. Oh my, the good smells for this lab nose!

But of course, the best part of the day was the dock diving! Okay, let's be honest. I didn't have the best day. I hit a couple of 18 footers, but then many of my jumps were very flat and only 13-14 feet. My mom said she's really going to work with me to try and get me to be more "consistent," whatever that means.

Spud had a really good day, though. He won the Senior Division and set another personal best. I'm so proud of that boy!!

The day wasn't a complete bust for me. I tried Extreme Vertical for the first time. Actually, I had tried it at practice before, but never at an event. Extreme Vertical is when you jump up for a bumper hanging out over the water. They measure how high we jump instead of how far. My best EV jump was only 4'10," but I had so much fun! I could have done that EV all day long.

Here are some photos my dad took of my EV jumps. I think I look pretty cool!

My mom said that we might try this vertical thing again. She said that she's not sure if I'm built to be a good EVer, but both she and I enjoyed it...and that's all that matters!

See you on the dock...
The Fire in Team Fire and Ice


Anonymous said...

Looks great to me, Nancy!! I'll keep checking it!


Public Relations said...

That dog has taken my heart with his performance shown in the photo.