Friday, July 25, 2008

Our Boat, and Our Lake

One day last year my mom and dad put me in the truck, and we went for a ride. I was about 6 or 7 months old and loved to go anywhere with my mom and dad. We rode for a long time, and when we got out of the truck, I smelled something strange, but good. I had never smelled that before, but it definitely smelled like something I wanted to investigate. It was water.....a big, big body of water.

Mom and Dad kept calling it a "lake" and saying things about the "boat," whatever that was. Then we all walked out onto this big wooden thing that stuck out over that "lake." I heard them calling it a "dock." There were a log of big funny looking things all around this dock. We actually walked onto one of them, and I kept hearing the word "boat" over and over.

Soon, that "boat" made a loud....very loud...sound. Much louder than our truck. And then we were moving...out over that big "lake!"

Man, was that cool!! I could walk up to the front of that "boat" and stick my head right into the wind. It blew all over my fur and even made my ears flap in the breeze.

But the best part of the trip was when we stopped. Mom and Dad let me get off the boat and swim in that lake. It was beyond exhilerating....beyond was like a piece of lab heaven right here on earth. I never wanted to leave.

We went back to the lake many times last year. I swam and retrieved, and even went swimming with my mom. Here's a video of of one of our trips to the lake last year. You can see how much fun we had together.

We haven't been to the lake as much this year, mainly because of our dock diving schedule. As much as I love dock diving, I've really missed the lake. And poor Spud has only been once!!

Oh well, I'm sure we'll get in a couple more trips before the season is up. One thing is for sure: I love the lake, and I love our boat!!!!!

See you on the dock,
The Fire in Team Fire and Ice

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Public Relations said...

You remembered the things of the time when you was just six months old,strange but I really appreciate your memory power.