Tuesday, May 19, 2009

B-I-G weekend dock diving. Lookie here!

Where do I start? We went to Sanford, N.C., for a dock diving event with Carolina DockDogs. It was a fantastic weekend for Team 3 Dawg Flite!

Here’s the run down of what all we accomplished:

Sally (Captain goes first)

  • 2nd place in Extreme Vertical Cadet Division
  • 2nd place in Speed Retrieve
  • 4th place in Big Air Masters Finals
  • 2 2nd places in Big Air Waves
  • Set a new Personal Best jump of 21 feet


  • 2 2nd places and 1 3rd place in Big Air Waves
  • 2nd place in Masters Big Air Finals
  • Earned Regional Masters Title


  • Well, let’s just say…he was Hoppy.

Whew! We are still recuperating from all that dock diving. But what fun we all had…both Spud and me and my mom and dad.

And my dad got a ton of great photos. So get ready to see some awesome dock diving pics.

First, here’s a series of one of my Extreme Vertical runs. Notice the last one how my mom celebrates the fact that I snagged the bumper.


Now, let’s see. How about a Speed Retrieve run. I love Speed Retrieve. It’s my favorite!

05900610650068076087090092I like that last one showing my tail swirling the water. Cool, huh?

Who do you want to see next? How about Spud. He really did a terrific job.


Okay, time for some more pics of me. (Do y’all think I’m a little ego-centric?)

Here is the Big Air jump where I set my new personal best of 21 feet.

068 069073And then, of course, here’s my mom. Instead of just celebrating, she actually did some funky kind of celebration dance up there on the dock. Sometimes she sooooooo embarrasses me!


Here’s another one of my Big Air jumps. I like it when I catch the throw object.


And then, fans, here’s what you’ve been waiting for…Hoppy! He still didn’t jump, but my mom took him around to the other side of the pond and he did retrieve from the shore. And he honestly looked like he was a little interested in the wubba down there in the water. But still no jump. Just a lot of kisses and goofiness.

205 211 213 221 239241

Well, that about closes out the report of our most recent event. It was really fun. When I finally recover, I’ll find something else to post about.

I hope I haven’t posted too many photos and bored you. Here are a couple of extra pics you might enjoy.

Good shot of Spud. He’s such a good boy!


And here I am telling my dad what I think of him sticking that camera up in my face!


See you on the dock,

Sally, the Captain of Team 3 Dawg Flite

Proud member of Dixie Dock Dogs


dannah said...

WOW! just WOW!...your team is AWESOME! The photos are great and it looked like you all enjoyed...hey by the way, I just joined in this fun Pup-peroni Sweepstakes Promo that gives me the chance to win $750 worth of prize package! It's so fun, you should try it, too!

Chester's Mom said...

NO WAY you could ever be boring to me or Mom. We think you guys ROCK and I say "bring the pictures ON, baby!"
I am so proud of your accomplishments, Sally. 21'!!! Amazing! (I bet you're just warming up for the biggie at Ohio, aren't you?) The swirly water/tail is a furry cool picture! You really shouldn't stick your tongue out at your Dad 'cuz he is probably the one who hauls you to all these fun events.
Glad Spud didn't get cold tail and he was on top of his game too.
I tell you, if I was a girl dawg, I'd be swishin' my tail at Hoppy-he's SOOOOOO handsome.

Uh, cough,cough. I'm still like girl dawgs, I was just sayin'......................

Woofs and personal best slobbers,

PTdogger said...

wow, sally! you and spud did awesome. i can't wait until you come to a compitition near us. i want to see you and spud dock diving. i really like the photos of you doing extreme verticle. fantastic!

Martha Basset said...

Hi Sally
You and Spud are the greatest dock divers!
You did really well! Your mom certainly looked as though she was working hard too.....
We loved all your pictures - they gave us a flavour of the day.
We were disappointed to learn that the basset hound wasnt ready - we will have to get Martha into training!
We are sorry we are late posting but our mum is being a bit of a nuisance with work at the moment! We have told her we are the number one priority and our blogging!!
Martha & Bailey xx

barb said...

Sally, you and Spud just get better and better! I took Casey to my friend's house while on vacation and let him try jumping off the dock. (He can't at home because of gators.) I was surprised he actually jumped, nothing like you and Spud, of course. But he jumped off several times for his tennis ball. I was so excited!

Life With Dogs said...

You are just cleaning up. Hoppy can chill and you'll still end up with a pile of ribbons and trophies by the end of summer.

Lindsay said...

Wow! I LOVE all the pictures!! It looks like you guys had an absolute blast out there! And congrats on your placements as well! I just started getting my dogs into dock diving. I've got one dog who loves to swim, but hasn't actually made it off the dock yet. And my other dog is slowly becoming a fan of the water. I'm glad to see that even a lab can be hesitant about jumping off the dock! Gives me some hope.;O)

Mason Dixie said...

coming up on Sunday to see you dive in Ohio. =) hope I get to see you jump your stuff.

Kimberly said...

didn't know there was a dog flying sport. I dont know if you're busy but I have some pictures of me about to fly and some of me landing.. and other stuff... come take a look. I dont do all that cool fun stuff you do, but I would if I could!