Thursday, May 14, 2009

Am I Actually Bragging on My Little Brother?

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted, but my mom and I wanted to keep my post about our Jump-a-Thon up there as long as possible.

And while I’m on that topic, thanks to everyone who pledged. Thank you from both my mom and me for helping us Chase Away Canine Cancer.

Now, on to Hoppy. I know, I know….most of my posts about Hoppy have been borderline Hoppy bashing. I’ve told y’all, and showed with photos, about what a goofball he is and how he embarrasses me.

Well, this time, I am proud to say….are you ready? Sound the trumpets and drum roll, please!

I am proud of Hoppy’s performance at our last event in Virginia Beach!

There…I said it. Now, he didn’t go off the dock, but he did really pretty well for Hoppy. Let’s see, what all did he do?

First, since Spud wasn’t jumping (cold tail), he go to wear Spud competition vest. And that vest, along with his recent weight loss, made him look like a real Dock Dog!



Next, he began to actually retrieve while at the event. Right behind our crating area, there was a little fenced in place where we could go exercise and play. Several times, my mom took Hoppy out there and threw the wubba for him, and he actually ran and retrieved it! That is the very first time he’s really retrieved with any enthusiasm at all.

Oh, he’s trotted over to pick up the wubba a couple of times, very wimpy and sissy-like. But this was real retrieving…like a real Labrador Retriever!

My mom and I were both very proud and happy that he is finally “getting it.”

Now, for his performance on the dock. Okay, let’s be honest. Other than looking good in Spud’s vest, he didn’t do any better. And here are the pics to prove it.

287333 This is about my most favorite photo of him up on the dock. Can we say “clueless?” But he is cute, isnt’ he!297

And, of course, there was the obligatory kissing Mom on the dock.


My mom honestly did everything she could. You know, they have 90 seconds to execute the jump. Bless her heart, she used the entire 90 seconds trying to get that boy to go get his wubba from the water.

She played with him with the wubba up on the dock before throwing it in the water.

256258She even threw it on the dock to let him retrieve it, hoping that would “get him in the mood.”

261She tried getting him excited about the wubba in the water.

295She even got the crowd involved. She got them cheering and changing “Hop-py, Hop-py, Hop-py.”

290 366

But it was to no avail. In the full 90 seconds, he never did jump.

BUT…..he did show one glimmer of promise….one act that was a little dockdoggish. Unfortunately, we have no pics of this, because my dad stopped taking photos when they left the dock. Who would have thought Hoppy would do something spectacular? Well, spectacular for Hoppy.

Remember, when the 90 seconds were up, the wubba was still floating in the water. As my mom opened the gate and took Hoppy off the dock, instead of turning to go down the steps and leave the dock, he actually….are you ready? Are you sitting down?

Hoppy actually turned and tried to go in the pool from the exit ramp to get the wubba! Now, how cool is that!!!!!

He didn’t exactly go into the water, but he walked down the ramp about halfway and tried to get his wubba. I think he’s beginning to get with the program:

Mom throws toy. Dog retrieves toy from water.

A friend got some video footage of Hoppy up on the dock. When my mom gets some free time, I’ll get her to upload it to the web so I can show you exactly what he looks like up there.

All in all…..Hoppy had a good event in Virginia Beach. Maybe there’s hope for that boy after all.

Sally, the Captain of Team 3 Dawg Flite

Proud member of Dixie Dock Dogs


Chester's Mom said...

I'm so proud of you Hoppy!! That dock is quite scary from that angle, isn't it? I remember all too well. Anyway, when you are as cute as you are, what else do you need to prove??? That is so cool how you worked it out in your brain and went down the ramp to get your Wubba.

Sally-your Mom sure is doing great at patiently working with Hoppy-we are very proud of your whole pack here at Team Crazy Air.

Woofs and proud slobbers,

Martha Basset said...

Well done Hoppy - we would both be very scared in a big place with lots of people.
We are glad that you are getting the hang of this dock diving - we just love the way you kiss your mom instead of concentrating!
Who could help but love you!
Tell Sally that Bailey did manage to get over the fence and chase the chickens on holiday!
On one occasion she chased on for a long distance up the croft. When the humans caught up with her they discovered that when the chicken stopped so did Bailey. She knew to chase but she needs you to come over to Scotland to tell her what you do next!
We have missed you guys,
Martha & Bailey xx

Life With Dogs said...

One step at a a time works just fine. He'll be flying in no time!

Mason Dixie said...

Way to go Hoppy!! so who will be competing in Ohio? Can not wait to come and cheer you on!!

Patrice said...

Good job for Hoppy. Maybe next time he'll really have to jump on the water. As evidenced on the photos, your mom-Sally was very supportive on you.

Elizabeth and Luna said...

Just stopping over for the first time from Life With Dog’s blog. What a great blog you have! Too bad we missed you in Virginia Beach, we would have stopped by to say hi!