Saturday, September 12, 2009

Do you think this dock makes my face look funny?

I can’t remember if I’ve posted these photos before or not. I was looking back through some old practice photos and came across this sequence from a practice back in January.

I remember after this particular practice my mom and dad were looking at these photos on my dad’s computer. Man, were they ever laughing!

“Look at her face,” my mom laughed. “Oh my god, that’s hilarious.”

“Look at that Stinky,” my dad squeezed out between chuckles. (His pet name for me is Stinky. Why? I have no idea. I do NOT stink!)

After maneuvering through their legs and the chairs, I managed to peer up onto the monitor to see what was so all-fired funny. And this was the sequence they were having so much fun with.

072074075076077078079082083084Okay. You can call it funny looking. I call it intense. I call it a game face. I call it Iron Dog!

And Dad, as far as calling me Stinky…maybe you should order me one of these:


I wear a medium.

See you on the dock,

Sally, the Captain of Team 3 Dawg Flite

Proud member of Dixie Dock Dogs


Martha Basset said...

Sally, we never fail to puzzle at the human sense of humour!
Stinky indeed!
We hope you have a pet name for your humans.
We thought your face showed the level of concentration necessary for you to be a champion dock diver.
Without that ability to concentrate you would not be the superstar you are today.
Do you think you should consider replacing your humans - we think they need to learn to appreciate you more.
Tell your Dad a pet name could be Princess or Super Sally but no way should it be Stinky!!
Your smelly basset friends
Martha & Bailey xxxx

Scout 'n Freyja said...

We think you had your game face on. Isn't that what all superior athletes do when they are being intense? And, Stinky? Ooooo, that's bad. We think you should pass gas in the kitchen for that one.

PTdogger said...

sally, i think those pictures are awsome! you look like you are going to jump a mile.