Sunday, September 20, 2009

Can you say Team F-O-U-R Dawg Flite!!!

Yep. You’re reading it correctly. I would have posted earlier, but it’s been raining night and day here (My dad said to call him Noah, ‘cause he’s going to build an ark…whatever that means.), and my mom couldn’t get any good photos outside.

Now, this addition isn’t just any dog. You’ll never believe in a million years who has joined our pack and our Team. I’m still in shock.

It’s Badger. My dad!! And Hoppy’s dad!

badger2There he is…dear old dad. And when I say old, I mean old. He’s nine years old. Do you have any idea how old that is in dog years. Something like 70 or 80.

I thought I heard my mom talking on the phone to our breeder the other day. Of course, I only heard my mom’s side of the conversation.

“Patty (that’s our breeder), are you sure?” <pause>

“Well, of course we would. We would love to.” <pause>

“No, of course it would be better for him to come live here rather than make that big move with you to Colorado.”

Now, I’m thinking, what in the world are they talking about. I’ve heard my mom and dad say absolutely no more dogs. We don’t have the room!

So I knew they couldn’t be talking about us getting another dog. My little chocolate mind was whirring. Then I heard…

“Sure Badger would fit in here. After all, this is where his son and daughter live.”


I didn’t know what to think. On one hand, I was glad. After all, he’s my father. But on the other hand, that would mean one more dog for me to whip into shape around here.

And now, Badger is here with us. He’s okay. It was tough those first couple of days. He was really nervous and stressed…panting constantly and pacing continually, like a caged tiger. Spud and Hoppy and I tried to talk to him and calm him down. “Settle down, old man,” we told him.

But finally, after a couple of days, he’s calming down. After all, he’s nine years old and moving into a new home is a big adjustment. And what’s really good is that he and Hoppy are getting to be pals.

Here is the family photo. Dad, Son, Daughter.

dad and kidsAnd, of course, here’s is the new Team 4 Dawg Flite.

4 dogs2 We’re going to try and get him to jump, but he probably will only be a little jumper. He’s old and FAT! My mom said he needs to lose about 15 lbs.  So it might be a while. He also might have a little arthritis in his front legs.

Now, for the question of the day. What do I call him? I can’t call him Dad. I already have a dad. I’m sure it would hurt my dad’s feelings if I all of a sudden started calling someone else Dad.

Should I call him Badger? I’m going to talk this over with Hoppy and see what he thinks. (Personally, I like “Old Man.”)

See you on the dock,

Sally, the Captain of Team 4 Dawg Flite

Proud member of Dixie Dock Dogs


barb said...

Badger looks so happy to be with his children. Sally, be sure to show him how to jump off the dock, but be careful. We old people take it a little easier. I know you and Spud and Hoppy are making Badger feel at home. Have fun with your new team member.

Chester said...

Oh! What a wonderful reunion! As soon as I saw Badger I could see the family resemblance between Hoppy and him, but not you, Sally. But then when you are all together-yep-that's your Daddy alright. You are so lucky to be livin' together and I'm sure Badger will settle down when he sees just how good you all have it with your 2 leggers.
Speakin' of Hoppin'-this is makin' Mom hoppin' mad that I can't have a sibling of my very own. I just yesterday heard her tell my aunt who just became a shelter volunteer to "keep her eyes open for a suitable brother or sister". Keep your paws crossed for me, Sally!
Congrats again-we are both very happy for you all!
Chester and Mom ;0=)

Pee Ess. I thought of you as I was retrievin' my Wubba yesterday in the lake. Good, wet, FUN!

PTdogger said...

sally this is awesome! bager is a very good looking dog. congradulations!

Life With Dogs said...

OMG! I know you weren't planning on another, but it's still great news. You'll just have to badger him a little to lose the weight.
Ok, I know that was awful, but I'm hitting enter anyway. :)

Good luck with the name, I'm not so good at that...

Martha Basset said...

Oh how lovely!!!! We are working our way down our blog roll since we got back from holiday so sorry for the delay.
We love this story of Badger coming to stay but it must have been hard for him!
We are glad he is with you as we know you will look after him - always nice to have an older relative stay!
We think he should have a nice retirement home and watch you guys dock diving!
Having said that if he does manage to shift the weight he could have a whole new lease of life.
Certainly, old Harry, our predecessor came to our home when he was 6 yrs old and dragging his stomach on the ground - a year on he was disappearing after the deer at Mugdock just like we do now.
He was very active with renewed energy right up until he was about 11 yrs old.
We look forward to hearing what you finally decide to call your Dad - we guess it is OK to have both a human and a canine Dad!
love you lots
Martha & Bailey xxx