Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The "Sit" Command.....how I learned it

So many of y'all seemed to enjoy my video of how I retrieved as a little puppy. Well, here's another one for you. (And as you know, when my mom makes a video, she has to make an entire production, but it's very entertaining!)

As you all know, a good solid "sit" is important to be an accomplished dock diver. You need to sit and stay back there on the dock in order to get the benefit of a full dock run when you are released.

Although my mom didn't know when I was a little puppy that I was going to be a dock diver, she did her best to teach me all the standard commands. One of those commands, of course, was "sit."

I swear, I don't know why we dogs don't all think our names are "sit." It's always "sit, stay," and "sit, settle," "sit, wait." The "sit" commands never stop.

Well, this video shows how it all got started with us. I was 8-9 weeks old and about as interested in learning how to sit as Hoppy is in learning how to dock dive. But my mom thought it absolutely necessary that I know how to sit when told.


There ya go, Ceasar Milan and Victoria Stillwell.....take that!

Sally, the
Captain of Team 3 Dawg Flite
Proud member of Dixie Dock Dogs


GoldenSamantha said...

Hi! My mom's always interested in training tips,cause SHE's the one who needs help. I know how to do it with the right handler (woof!) but mom's still a rookie, so keep em coming! Thanks for the vid - good work!
Hugs xo

Martha Basset said...

Hi Sally
What a very cute little puppy you were. Pups just wanna have fun!!
It was nice your 'Sit' was a game for you - our mum thinks it was helped by your mom rolling her 'r's in the good girl!
Is your mom part Scottish? We can do 'sit' when there is a reward - we just pretend we dont hear otherwise. These bipeds soon learn the rules. If you want anything we need treats!!
Martha is very happy your are going to let her join the dock diving team. She thinks she swam for a bit and she does seem to have longer legs than some bassets.
The main thing is she did want to get those ducks but only when she saw them fly!!
Martha & Bailey xxx

barb said...

Sally, I was laughing so hard at that video! You sure had an attitude with your mom! LOL

PTdogger said...

sally, aren't you about ready to make a training video.

Chester's Mom said...

Such a quick learner, Sally! You and that white star on your chest just show you that you were a superstar from early on. LOVE these videos.
Chester's Mom