Sunday, August 2, 2009

Summer stuff and more TV appearances

It’s been a busy summer. My mom and dad have been super busy getting ready for our club’s big dock diving event later this month. You wouldn’t believe how much work is involved with putting on a dock diving event: getting sponsors, putting out publicity, schedules, ordering supplies. They are either on the phone or emailing about the event all the time.

The event is called The Fishing Creek Outfitters Throwdown.

FCT logosmIt’s going to be a lot of fun. People are coming from all over and bringing their dogs.

Spud and Hoppy and I have some cool stuff to show off at the Throwdown. We have new name plates for our travel crates. Hoppy and I used them at our last event, so I only have photos of those name plates, but Spud has one also.

I was so happy when they came in the mail. Kind of makes me feel like a celebrity with my name on my dressing room door.

And speaking of celebrities, Spud and I were on another TV news story. This one was with a TV station up in NE Georgia. My mom took us over to Lake Hartwell to meet with the reporter. It turned out pretty good. Being on the PR circuit for our event is cool!

Here’s the clip of this news story.

And…guess what! I heard my mom talking to my dad and she is going to be on something called a “Morning Show” at a television station. She’s going to talk all about Team 3 Dawg Flite and Dixie Dock Dogs and our event. Now, how cool is that!

The only problem is that I heard her talking about how she was going to take one of us with her…and guess who that is. Yep. Spud! He gets to go and be on that TV show. I think the Captain should go. But my mom said Spud would do better in the big TV studio, and I guess she’s right. Sometimes big noisy things inside a big room scare me, and nothing scares Spud.

So, he’ll get to be the star that time. I guess it will be another day at daycare with Hoppy.

See you on the dock,

Sally, the Captain of Team 3 Dawg Flite

Proud member of Dixie Dock Dogs


Martha Basset said...

Oh we always knew you guys would be famous!!!!!
That was a cool interview - Sally looked resplendent in all those ribbons.
What a great demonstration by Spud and Sally - we liked that Hoppy was the 'cheer leader' of the team. Go Hoppy!!!
Your mom did great - full of enthusiasm - we were surprised she didn't jump off the dock herself!!!
Great to see you doing so well - we have missed you around the dog blogs but hey we know it is hard to be a celebrity.
Just remember your friends from the old days!
We love you guys
Martha & Bailey xxxx
PS We will soon be asking for your pawprints!!!!

Chester said...

HEY Team 3 Dawg-it's so great to see your big news story! You all are making the sport of Dock Diving grow and grow! You look wonderful in all your ribbon-wear but we all know you'd rather be wearin' your jumping vests.
Best wishes for a great time hosting the next event.
Chester ;0=)

*Mom says it's cool to finally hear the voice of your Mom since they've only ever emailed.

Keep up the great work!

barb said...

You and Spud look great jumping in that tv news story. And your mom looks like a pro! Casey is jealous and wants me to do something to make him famous. I told him they won't do a tv news story on eating cookies. Good luck at your next event. I'm sure you and Spud will do well, and that Hoppy will raise a lot of money for your cancer charity.

Lori said...

Those ribbons look awesome! what a neat television clip. i think its great that you do all of this with your dogs. i know its alot of work but seems so worth it. i haven't been to your blog for a while. sorry. i've been in and out of town for the past few months but want to start checking my favorite blogs on a regular basis now. keep up the good work!