Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Happy Trails to You…Missouri, here we come!

I knew it. I knew it! When I saw the equipment case come out, I knew it was pack-up-to-go-to another-event time!

And this time, we are going to the Lincoln County Fair in Troy, Missouri. My mom said that this is an event hosted by the Gateway DockDog Club. What’s so cool about this club is that we’ve only been to events in the Southeast. But this time, we are venturing out west…crossing the Mighty Mississippi River!

Maybe she’ll stop and let me jump in the Mississippi River. Ya think so?

My dad and Spud are staying here. My dad has to save his days at work for our event next month in Milledgeville. And he doesn’t want to stay home alone, so he’s keeping Spud with him.

It didn’t take long yesterday evening for my mom to pack the car.

There’s our stuff. From L-R: rolly cart, gray travel box (and carton of water), equipment case top, equipment case bottom, EZ Up tent with chair, banners, and water sitting on top of it. Everything is sitting on our two crates.

Oops, she hasn’t packed her own bag yet. There’s no room for my mom’s clothes. That’s okay. We don’t have any clothes so why should she!

Usually, we take my dad’s truck. But since this time it’s just my mom and Hoppy and me, we are taking her SUV.

Okay. My mom said, “Come on Sally and Hoppy, Time to go.”

Of course, being the Captain of Team 3 Dawg Flite, I jumped up in the driver’s seat. Ready for take-off!

Then I had to check everything out. Make sure we were all cleared for take-off.

I told Hoppy to get in. He jumped up into his place back there by the equipment.

Then I noticed something.

Poor Spud. There he was sitting waiting for me to tell him to get in the car.

I said to him, “Spud, you went on the last dock diving trip with Dad up to Ohio. It’s our turn now. You stay here.”

But it didn’t help. He kept saying, “Hey, what about me?”

Then my mom came out and saw me in the driver’s seat!

“Sally!” “Get your little chocolate #^*% our of my seat and back there where you belong!”

You know, it’s funny. When she’s happy with me and talking all nice and sweet, I’m her “little chocolate dawg,” or I’ve got those “little chocolate paws,” or it’s “move your little chocolate bootie,” or it’s my “little chocolate nose.”

But when I’ve done something wrong…when I’m into something I shouldn’t be into…it’s always my “chocolate #^*%.” Go figure.

So it was back there with Hoppy where I am supposed to ride. Dang!

At least I can still be the navigator and supervise her as she drives.

Keep your fingers and paws crossed for me in Missouri that I jump big. I only need two more Master jumps to get my Master Title, so I could get it this weekend.

Well, we’re off. Can’t wait to see the Mississippi River. I am ready to JUMP!

See you on the dock,

Sally, the Captain of Team 3 Dawg Flite

Proud member of Dixie Dock Dogs


barb said...

Sally, you are so funny. I love the photo of you in the drivers seat. Tell your mom to take pictures of you at the Mississippi River. Is Hoppy going to jump at this competition? Good luck with your jumping.

Bell and Kimberly said...

that is soooo funny, I needed a good laugh this a/m THANKS..
How fun going to Missouri. I lived there when I was little and being from San Diego, Ca. where it's always hot - I HATED MISSOURI AND THE SNOW. .but loved to watch the seasons changing the trees/leaves etc..
Have fun out there dogs.. cant wait to see pictures... and stuffs
Bell girl

Chester said...

You're a funny gal, Sally! Your mom is wise not to let you drive. After all, you need to sleep so you perform well in Missouri. And besides that-all the big celebrities have chauffeurs so you should too. That's exactly how i used to stand on the console until they barred it off from me. ;0=(

Sorry Spud can't go along but I bet he and Dad are gonna have a boy's night in or out. They'll be all secret about it and not tell you all what they did.

Good luck at the event and make sure you take pictures of you jumpin' into the Missisipp!

Chester ;0=)

PTdogger said...

Sally, you sure don't led a dogs life! you are awsome. hope you do good over in missouri. thats not to far from me. wish i could come see you jump. and tell hoppy to JUMP this time!

Martha Basset said...

Oh Sally
What a fun trip - Bailey always wants to sit up front too and sometimes growls when she is asked to move1
You are both born leaders clearly!
We are looking forward to hearing how you get on - remember we are your number one fans!!!
Good luck.
Martha & Bailey xxxx